Fire kills chimney-vent chimney rocker, ignites blaze at fire site in Northwest

A chimney on a tree on a hill in a remote, wooded area near Portland, Oregon, ignited Friday night in what the fire department described as a “large, unattended fire” that spread rapidly from a fire in the attic.

The fire appeared to have started with a small spark, but then quickly spread into a raging blaze that destroyed a large structure, authorities said.

It took firefighters two hours to contain the blaze, which began around midnight and consumed a building and some neighboring properties.

Authorities didn’t say how the blaze started.

The Portland Fire Bureau had not yet said what kind of fuel it was burning when it began to burn.

“We don’t know if the fire started on the roof or if the structure was on the ground,” said Sgt. Dave Brown of the Portland Fire Department.

“It’s a huge blaze.”

Brown said that firefighters were working to extinguish the blaze and that the structure had been “under fire for quite some time.”

A small number of people were in the area, Brown said.

There were no injuries.

“There was a large amount of debris, including a large chunk of roof,” Brown said of the chimney.

“The chimney was charred.

We did see some of the flames go up.”

Brown and Portland Fire Chief Tim Foltz said they had received several calls about a fire at the chimneys.

Brown said the fire was caused by a small, unattached, wood stove.

“This is a chimney fire,” he said.

“You’ve got a small chimney and a roof.

It’s a big structure.”

FoltZ said he believed it was likely that the fire had been started in the fireplace, but added that it was too early to know for sure.

The building was built about two years ago, he said, and there was a lot of smoke and ash.

He said the building was on a property with a “very high fire risk” and that it “was the perfect setting” for the fire to occur.

“I think the chimny was the perfect place to ignite,” Foltzz said.

A fire department spokesperson, Jeff Davis, said that “we don’t have any information on what caused the fire.”

Firefighters worked through the night to control the blaze.

The department said that the smoke had cleared by 8 p.m.

Portland Fire Battalion Chief Michael Gorman said that there were “some minor injuries” to firefighters.

“But it’s too early for us to say for sure that any of the injuries are serious,” he added.

The blaze damaged a second home on the property and an adjacent structure.

Officials said that several residents were evacuated from the area and that two people were transported to hospitals for observation.

A resident of the home told The Associated Press that she saw flames and flames shooting out of the attic and that there was smoke and smoke coming from the attic on Friday night.

“All I could hear was the chimps chirping,” she said.

The chimney had been in use for a year, the home’s owner said.

Officials at the home had not heard from them in three days.

The Oregonian/OregonLive reports that a small fire in an attic is considered a suspicious fire and that investigators believe the cause of the blaze was a small wood stove, but that it is too early in the investigation to determine whether there was any suspicious activity.

Firefighters were called to the home around 6 p.meters from the house on Thursday night after a fire broke out there.

Portland firefighters had been called to a home in the same area and reported that they had extinguished the blaze there.

Brown, the Portland fire chief, said he didn’t know why the fire took so long to burn down.

The property had been abandoned since 2010.

Brown also said that fire crews were looking for evidence that could help determine whether a family had lived there.

“That’s something we’ll be doing a little bit closer to the investigation,” he told the AP.

“Obviously we have a lot more work to do.”

The fire department said in a statement that a woman who lives there has been treated and released.

The AP reported that the home was sold for $200,000 in 2015.