What you need to know about smoke chimneys

Smoke chimneys are a type of fire that’s caused by chimneys that burn without oxygen, and a lot of fires in Canada, Australia and the United States have occurred without smoke chimney construction.

While smoke chimnels have been in use for centuries, the construction of them and the fire safety precautions are still a hot topic in the industry.

In this episode of The Globe and Mail’s Smoke Chimney Definition, host Erin McGinn and guest Erin McGovern discuss the history of smoke chimnets, how they’re built, and the best way to protect your home from smoke chimns.

Smoke chimney explodes, sending flames out of apartment

An apartment building has been engulfed in smoke, sending sparks and flames out the chimney and causing a fire alarm to go off, authorities said.

The incident happened early Monday morning in the 9600 block of N. High St. in the City of Richmond, said Richmond Fire Capt. Jeff Loomis.

It was unclear whether anyone was injured.

The building was evacuated and fire crews were called to investigate, but the blaze quickly spread, Loomi said.

Crews tried to extinguish the blaze, but it kept spreading and eventually caught fire, Lomax said.

The fire was extinguished shortly after 3 a.m.

Loomis said firefighters were unable to enter the building because of the smoke and no one was trapped inside.