“The Big Future” Part 2 – The Red Chimney Lake” – The Black House – Episode 11: The Red chimney lake

The Big Future is coming to a close.

The next episode of The Big Futures will feature a red chimney that the cast will have to explore, and then it will be the first episode of the season with a different set of characters.

The episode, titled “The Red Chimneys” will be directed by Tim Miller and produced by Matt Braunger and John O’Brien.

It will also air during the Super Bowl on Sunday, Feb. 4.

According to The Big Show, the show will premiere in the fall.

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‘Bajrang Dal’ leaders hold meeting in Bengaluru

Bajrang Tambo, the national Congress party (NCP) leader who led the agitation to ban the construction of chimneys in Bengalu in 2017, today held a meeting at the Bengaluru Legislative Assembly (BALA) to discuss the “consequences of the recent protests”.

The meeting was attended by former chief minister Mamata Banerjee, former leader of the Congress party K. Raja Rao and Congress vice-president Prakash Javadekar, said a statement issued by the party.

Tambo was in Bengal at the time of the protests against the construction.

He said he is not opposed to the building of chimney as long as the owners are not involved in the construction process.

The party has taken a stand against the “inhuman” construction of the chimneys as well as the “dishonour” that people have for the land and the workers, he said.

Tambos statement came two days after Congress vice president Rajasekhara Rao had called for an “intense and long-lasting” campaign against the chimney construction in Bengal.

On Tuesday, he had alleged that “the owners of the land are involved in this construction process” and said “the construction process is inhuman and wrong”.

On Sunday, Babu Thakur, a senior Congress leader, had told reporters that the Congress had “strongly opposed” the construction, while party leaders were “stirring up a big fuss” against the project.

“The government has taken the decision to prohibit the construction in all its aspects.

We have a strong position against this.

We are against the inhumanity of the construction,” Thakurt told reporters.”

It is shameful that the construction has taken place under the garb of the CM, and not even her.

We will vigorously oppose this,” he said, saying he was “ready to take the law into our own hands”.