New Hampshire votes for a second-term senator

NEW HAVEN, N.H. — New Hampshire voters approved a second term for Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte on Tuesday, taking her to a narrow margin over Democrat Jeanne Shaheen in a tight race for the Senate seat she held for six years.

Ayotte, a former president of the New Hampshire Conference of the United States Chamber of Commerce, has held the seat since 2010.

Shaheen, a retired Marine Corps colonel, is a first-term Democratic senator from a state she has never represented.

She has a long history of working with Ayotte and has said she would consider running for president in 2020.

But the race is closely watched by both sides of the aisle as a test of whether the Democratic Party can recapture control of the Senate, and if a Republican-led House can prevent Trump from getting a second full term.

Both candidates were greeted by thousands of people who showed up to cast their ballots.

In the first round, Shaheens supporters outnumber Ayotte’s supporters by about 3 to 1.

In the second, the margin shrinks to less than 1.

Shannon Stapleton, a local resident who helped with the election effort, said she is very happy for Ayotte, who has done her best to get the message out to voters.

She said she supports the Senate Republicans’ position on climate change, and wants the president to be held accountable.

“This is what we’re talking about here,” she said.

“She’s done a lot for the environment and we’re proud of her for it.

The election was close, but there were some early signs that it was close enough that it could be called. “

She’s always done the right thing for the country and I’m very proud to vote for her.”

The election was close, but there were some early signs that it was close enough that it could be called.

In one of the early polls, Shahes edge over Ayotte was just shy of 4 percentage points.

That was not enough to sway most of the precincts in the heavily Democratic town of Chimney Hill, where the two campaigns held their first rallies.

That was when Shahees supporters made their case for her and the message they were putting out there.

“We are not here to talk about politics,” she told the crowd, referring to the fact that she is a former first lady, senator and president.

“We are here to show the country that we are here and we are fighting for what we believe in.

We are here for our future, and we know it.”

She went on to talk up the Senate’s historic passage of the American Health Care Act, which she said helped bring down the cost of health care.

“You know how we’ve been saying for decades: It’s not enough that we get health care for everybody.

We have to make it accessible, affordable and quality for everybody,” she added.

“It’s a lot to ask.

But it’s not too late to get it done.”

Shahes campaign pointed to the Republican-controlled House of Representatives, which voted last week to repeal Obamacare, a key issue for her.

“What we need to do is get this done in a bipartisan way, so that we can get to a balanced budget and create good jobs,” she explained.

“That’s the only way we can keep our country going.

That’s why we need Democrats in the Senate.”

But she added that she and her supporters will be watching closely for signs that the White House is planning to take action on climate issues, and that the administration is moving aggressively to pass legislation to combat the Zika virus.

“The administration has been making the case for climate change,” she noted.

“They’re moving forward on that and we’ll see if they do.”

‘Heavenly’ chimney fires are expected to flare up in Texas, Florida, California, New York and Florida as wildfires continue to burn in the southern United States

A new fire raging in Southern California has been dubbed the “Holy Grail” of wildfires, and it could start sparking new ones in other parts of the state as early as this week.

A National Weather Service forecast released Friday said the blaze in the Los Angeles area, known as the Chimney Flue Cap Fire, is expected to burn for several days, possibly as late as Sunday.

Firefighters are still battling a massive blaze burning on a steep slope near Santa Clarita, where a major power outage in recent weeks has caused power outages for more than 200,000 people.

“It’s the Holy Grail,” said Steve Pogue, a volunteer firefighter who’s spent the past three days fighting the fire near Santa Ana.

“It could be a lot of fire.

We’re trying to fight it, but we’re also trying to stop it from spreading.”

Pogue said the fire is a “massive” fire that’s expected to consume as much as 1,000 acres of farmland and is threatening hundreds of structures.

“This fire is the biggest in Los Angeles history,” he said.

The blaze is the worst in the U.S. since the devastating 2003 Super Bowl-storming wildfire that destroyed thousands of homes and destroyed much of the Los Angels, Santa Monica and Long Beach area.

When are the best chimneys to buy?

When buying a chimney for a new home, it is best to look for one with an open top and no holes in it, said Ms O’Neill, of the Irish Association of Chimney and Roofers.

“The chimney can be a very useful piece of furniture in a home as a decoration, as a light source or as a fireplace source,” she said.

“You don’t want to use a chimny to fill a space with a chimnelling stone.

If you can, make sure that the chimney has a hole to get in, and that the outside is clear of all dust.”

A chimney may not have holes in the bottom or the top, but it will have a seam or seam running through it.

If a chimnel has holes in either, it should be inspected, Ms O’tehan said.

A hole in a chimnell can be repaired, but repairs are expensive.

“If you have a hole in the chimnelled area, it may not be a good idea to replace it,” she advised.

“It is better to use the existing chimney than to go out and buy new.”

If you have the money, but not the time, a good chimney should be able to withstand a couple of seasons without problems.

The chimney will usually last longer, so you may want to replace as soon as it is no longer needed.

The Irish Association recommends that if you have access to a home, buy a chimneys that have a maximum depth of 30cm.

A chimnemaker will not usually last as long as a regular chimney does, but will likely last longer.

Ms O’dehan recommends a chimnet for chimneys with openings that are wider than 30cm, but the wider the opening, the longer it will last.

The fireplace chimney is the least common type of chimney.

It will usually be used as a source of light and heat, and it can last for many years.

It is the type of roof chimney that you want to avoid.

If it is the only type of window in your home, you can always buy a window chimney to seal it shut, and use the space for a fireplace, she said, adding that you should always check if the chimneys have been tested to ensure they have not been damaged in the course of being built.