‘Fancy’ chimney light bulbs cost a fortune: Experts

If you thought the price of light bulbs was astronomical, then the chimney flash is just a bit more of a bargain. 

A company called Lumosity has come up with a light bulb that, when installed in the chimneys of buildings, will light up chimneys in an impressive manner, with the chimneys illuminating in a manner similar to the way a natural light bulb is lit up. 

The bulbs are not meant to be used in residential buildings, however, and only for outdoor lighting, but it is a great way to light up the chimnels of your house if you need to do so. 

The bulbs are designed to look like the chimny flash, and have a unique and eye-catching design that’s sure to catch the eye of passersby.

The company’s creator, J. J. Gorman, told Engadgets that Lumosity is trying to raise $10 million in funding to help make this happen. 

“The goal is to have a product that will be used on the homes of all our employees to give them a chance to experiment and see what they can do with the bulb,” he said. 

Lumosity’s chimney lights have an average light output of 5 lumens per square centimeter, which means they will illuminate a 2-inch by 1.5-inch square area.

The bulbs themselves cost around $400 to $600 each, and can be purchased in different colors, including bright green and gold.

The company is working with the manufacturer of the bulb, and will be providing the bulbs to all employees at Lumosity at no charge, and they’ll be available for free to employees, as well as employees of Lumosity’s contractors. 

A Kickstarter campaign has already been launched for Lumosity light bulbs, and the company is hoping to have the lights in the homes within the next year or two. 

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