NFL’s chimney cornerbacks to face $200,000+ legal bills, new rules

New rules for the NFL’s defensive back corners have led to some very expensive legal bills.

As of now, the NFL is allowing for the removal of the chimney corners from the field of play in the event of a foul.

But that’s not the only legal liability the NFL faces.

Chimney cornerback Corey Lemonier is expected to have to pay $200k in legal fees and $60k in punitive damages to the league, which could potentially be a significant chunk of the salary cap.

The team has previously had to pay out $80k in penalties for defensive backs illegally blocking on a kick return.

If the league does decide to make the chimneys cornerbacks eligible to return, the salary caps for the defensive backs will likely rise.

Chinney corners are eligible for $2.7 million per year and can earn $2 million per game if they remain in the league.