How to fix chimney smoke – video

A chimney has been installed in a home in Queensland’s north-east, which can now be used to heat and vent smoke from chimneys.

Key points:Residents have been using the chimney to heat water and air in the homeKey points Residents say they’ve found it’s been a useful tool for keeping their home coolSource: ABC News’ Robyn O’NeillMore than 80 residents have been allowed to use the chimneys at two properties in the rural suburb of Clonmel, and the chimny is now the primary source of heat for a home.

A local council has been given the go-ahead to install a chimney at the home.

“It’s a pretty small chimney so I think people are just finding that it’s a good use of the chimnet and it’s great for keeping the house cool,” resident and farmer Stephen Smith said.

“We’ve had a couple of cool evenings now and it does keep us comfortable.”

Residents have used the chimnic to heat their water and cool their air in their home, which is currently located in a field.

“It looks like the chimnics are working really well,” resident Paul Watson said.

Residents have also been using it to vent the smoke they are breathing into the air, which has been beneficial for keeping them cool.

“As a person, I’ve never had any problems with the smoke coming out of my chimney, so it’s actually been pretty useful,” Mr Watson said.

“We’re a little bit worried about the chiming going away at night because we’ve got a lot of firefighting work going on, but as far as I’m concerned it’s worked pretty well,” Mr Smith added.

A fire service spokeswoman said a fire department was working to assess the chimnel and said it was a “positive sign”.

“It appears that the chimnell has worked as designed and has prevented the use of fuel to warm the air within the home,” she said.

She said residents would be given information on how to use it.

A Queensland Fire Service spokesperson said it had not received any complaints about the installation.

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