Why the NFL is testing a new ‘advanced’ chimney sweeps

The NFL is introducing an advanced chimney sweeping to combat smoke in the game.

The NFL has tested the technology and it’s going to work.

The league has confirmed the innovation to FOXSports.com, which first reported the development on Monday.

The concept of the advanced chimneys sweeps is similar to the way teams use the traditional sweeps.

When teams use a traditional sweep, they use a flushing system that sucks air out of the air and pushes it out to a fan that spins the fan blade.

But with an advanced sweep, the fan is positioned so that it is aimed at the chimney to draw the air out.

The goal is to reduce the amount of smoke and also improve ventilation.

The sweep technology has been used to help the New Orleans Saints win Super Bowl LI in January.

The technology is not available in the NFL.

The innovation comes as the NFL continues to push the envelope in air quality.

The latest technology in air pollution is the technology called PM2.5, which is a pollutant that can cause respiratory illnesses and death.

The air quality around the league is among the worst in the league.

In a recent study, scientists at Penn State University found that air pollution can lead to lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, asthma and even premature death.