New Yorker: ‘It’s not an option’ to sell off NYC homes in 2018

By ALEX RIVERA-MITCHELLNew Yorker staff, staff reporter, New York CityA New Yorker articleNew York City residents are being told they’re not allowed to sell their homes in a city that is the third largest in the world.

The New York Times reports that the city has enacted a strict moratorium on the sale of single-family homes to raise taxes and to pay for social services.

It says the move comes after a $1.2 trillion federal bailout of the city in 2017 that was touted as a boon for the city.

It also coincides with the re-emergence of the Trump administration.

But some New Yorkers are still being told by their local realtors that they can sell their houses to raise the city’s budget, the Times reports.

They are told the city doesn’t have enough money to meet its obligations.

They also are told by the realtor that the sale would not benefit them financially, but would instead hurt their neighborhood and hurt their tax bills.

The moratorium is expected to last for at least another two years.