What do the chimneys of Mumbai look like?

Mumbai: A typical chimney of a luxury condominium building in the Mumbai suburb of Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus, or Mumbai’s main shopping street, is a massive 18 feet high. 

The building is built on a site called Bhelaswamy Chimney Road, in the middle of the city’s residential area, and is owned by the City Council of Mumbai, which has a monopoly over the space. 

There are four chimneys in the complex, the highest of which is the 16th. 

According to the building’s owners, it is built to resemble the traditional chimney in India, and also because the owners like to be visible. 

It is located in a residential area which is located just a few blocks from the bustling tourist hotspot of Patna. 

 It’s not the first time that the building has been called a “chimneys” property. 

In 2009, a newspaper in Mumbai called the complex “chocolate chimneys” and added, “It looks more like a giant candy bar.” 

Mumbai is known for its huge and luxurious mansions, but in the past few years, the buildings surrounding it have been under the scanner, especially after the death of its owner. 

A video from the property’s owner went viral on social media. 

One of the four chimney owners, who asked to be identified only as “J”, said that the property was a “ghost house” in the eyes of the community. 

“This is my place, my property, and I have a right to make the building look like that,” he told NDTV. 

J said he has built the building to attract tourists, and added that he has done the same for other buildings that he owns. 

While many of the buildings in the neighbourhood are owned by other developers, J said that he wanted to be seen as the real owner of the building. 

However, the owners were not pleased with this. 

Maharashtra government has launched an investigation into the case, and in the end, the owner decided to give up on the project. 

After this, J decided to sell his “ghost” building.

“It was a ghost house and it was a huge loss to me.

The people of the area are unhappy.

They are upset.

They don’t want me to live in the area anymore,” J told NDtv. 

He said he will now focus on selling the “ghost chimneys”, and that the whole development is “not his” property anymore. 

Another chimney owner, who is not identified, told NDtoday that he was not surprised by the criticism.

“We are a part of the neighbourhood, and it’s my property.

I am the owner.

It’s not my property anymore,” he said. 

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