Chimney fire in New Jersey: What you need to know

Chimneys in New York City are usually open at night and usually provide a welcome respite from the heat of the day.

However, as of last night, temperatures have plummeted to a record low of -27 degrees Celsius (-50 degrees Fahrenheit) in the city.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has declared a state of emergency, saying the fires are out of control.

“There’s a lot of smoke, a lot more fires, a bunch of people who are on fire and a lot less fire protection,” said Brian Smith, who works in New Rochelle, New York, where the fire started on Monday.

Smith has been out on the streets for two days and on Monday evening, he was in a taxi waiting to take him to the nearby fire station to report the fire.

“I saw the fire and I said ‘Is that the chimney?’

And they said ‘Yes, it’s the chimnys,'” Smith said.

New York City’s Mayor Bill de Blasio has ordered a citywide curfew on Tuesday night, saying it will allow the fire department to quickly respond to the fire to protect residents and businesses.

New York State Police have deployed two additional helicopters to New York to search for the cause of the fire, the New York Post reported.

Meanwhile, New Jersey Gov.

Chris Christie has called the blaze “out of control” and urged residents to stay indoors.

“If you can’t go outside, get inside.

Don’t get inside,” he told CNN.

There’s no reason to be in the house. “

I’m very concerned.

There’s no reason to be in the house.

You need to be inside.

Stay inside.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.”

As I’ve said before, we’re going after it.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.