‘Dangerous’ chimney diagrams on display at museum

CHINA: An artist’s impression of a chimney with a painted brick chimnet at a Beijing museum.

The chimney, with a large chimney wheel, is one of hundreds of chimney-dome paintings on display in a Beijing exhibition, which includes works by renowned Chinese artist Zhang Xiaoxiao.

It is the first time in the history of the exhibition that a painted chimney has been on display.

It is part of the museum’s new China, World and Culture exhibition.

“We have an incredible collection of art, Chinese and international, in the exhibition,” said Dr Yiqi Zhang, who heads the museum in Beijing.

“The exhibition is about celebrating the richness and complexity of Chinese culture, about understanding the rich tradition of Chinese architecture and the history and evolution of Chinese art.”

“It’s an opportunity for people to see the history, the rich heritage and the diversity of China and the world.”

The painting, which was painted in 2007, depicts a man sitting on a brick chimneysheet, wearing a mask and a hat, sitting on the roof of a hut.

The painting was on display last year at the Beijing Kunlun Institute of Contemporary Art.

Chimney diagram China’s chimney building has its roots in China’s ancient history, when people built their homes on stilts.

A series of chisels, painted by Zhang Xiaoyi, is visible in the background.

He also painted a chiming drum, which is now on display as part of a museum exhibition.

Dr Zhang said the painting was “very important to us”.

“It gives a sense of the complexity of our culture,” she said.

“In the same way, it shows the history in a way that you can understand the cultural development of a culture and how to preserve it.”

Chinese artist Zhang, born in Shanghai, is a popular and respected artist, who is known for his work on stilt-roof houses and other forms of architecture.