New Orleans Fire Chief Wants Fire Department To Investigate ‘Chimney Flue Repair’ After Chimney Falls In New Orleans

New Orleans firefighters are searching for a “Chimneys Firefighter” who is accused of failing to properly extinguish a fire in a house that collapsed last month.

A fire broke out in a home in the 600 block of Chardon, near the intersection of St. Claude and LaFayette Avenues, on July 17, and officials said the chimney of a building caught fire after the flames were extinguished.

According to officials, a resident told them a fire broke in his house and the chimneys fire was in his basement.

The resident told firefighters he was trying to fix a leaky chimney and was not aware the fire was contained to his basement, according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune.

The chimney collapsed after firefighters tried to extinguish the fire and the resident told investigators he tried to escape, according the paper.

Firefighters found the chimnet caught fire when they went into the house to extinguishing the blaze.

Fire officials said they are searching to identify the “Chimerneys Fire” and to determine whether or not the homeowner was negligent in the extinguishment of the fire.

The investigation into the chiming fire is ongoing, according a statement from the New York City Fire Department.

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