Which of these three chimney inns should you use?

Three chimney inns are a great place to stay.

They’re small and easy to access, and can be a great escape for folks who aren’t sure what to do with their day.

They have outdoor seating, and they’re open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

But you need to know where to find them.

In fact, you should definitely do some research about the locations of these great-for-staying places before you decide to go for a visit.

Here’s a look at the three chimemakers in the city.1. 

 The Wagon Inn on Grand AvenueA couple of blocks south of the Wagon Motel and just down Grand Avenue, the W-M Inn is an all-day diner.

It’s a little pricey at $10 per person for a room, but that’s on the lower end of what you’re getting for the area.

You can book it online for $40. 


The Laundromat on South Market StreetYou can also book the Laundroom at the Wagons and the L-M in a few minutes, though it’s a bit pricey.

They don’t have an online reservation or even a phone number, so you have to make reservations online.3. 

Cottonwood Motel at 7th Street & Market A short walk away, the Cottonwood Motels is an old-school diner with a good selection of food and drinks.

It costs $19 per person, but they also have an outdoor patio that you can use if you’re visiting the area and you want to relax and catch up.

There’s also an outdoor bar and outdoor grill in the back of the diner. 


Rooftop Cafe at 13th & MarketThere’s an outdoor rooftop bar and grill at the rooftop of the Cottonwoods Motel.

You have to reserve online, though, and you’ll need to use an ID.

The rooftop bar has a great view of the city and the harbor. 


Spirits Cafe at 14th & Grand There’s an indoor rooftop bar at Spirits Cafe, which is open 24/7 and also serves drinks and food.

They are open on Sundays. 


Alfredo’s Restaurant and Bar on Grand StreetThis restaurant is located at 1314 Grand Avenue and serves food and food-related drinks.

They charge $20 for a table, but there’s a patio for those who prefer to enjoy the view.

The restaurant is open all day.7. 

Laurel Cafe on 14th StreetThis cozy spot offers a cozy, comfortable atmosphere and plenty of outdoor seating.

You’ll need an ID, but you can take your dog inside.

It has a fireplace, and there are tables and chairs. 


Papaya Grill on 15th StreetThe Olive Garden is located on the 15th street of downtown and serves a variety of food.

It charges $20 per person per day for food, and it does have an open patio.

The patio has a view of Grand and Grand streets. 


Juan’s Café on 16th StreetAt this trendy spot, the chef has opened a food truck that serves up delicious Filipino fare.

The food costs $10 and the wait staff is friendly and helpful. 


Mulberry Street Cafe at 17th StreetA small, cozy spot on Mulberry Street is home to a cafe with a great menu and good views of Grand.

It offers a $10 fee for food.

You also have a seating area and a small patio area. 


Tenderloin Lounge at 19th StreetJust outside of the Hilton Grand, this lounge is a great option for a quick lunch, a place to unwind and enjoy a drink or two.

It is a bit pricier than some other spots, but it is a place you’ll be comfortable staying. 


Old Stag’s Bar on 21st StreetOld Stags Bar is a small bar located on 21 St. in downtown.

It does have outdoor tables and a great rooftop patio. 


Ginza’s Cafe on 22nd StreetGinzas Cafe is located just outside of Hilton Grand and is a nice option for lunch or dinner.

It serves food from different vendors and has a small outdoor patio area for people to enjoy a little bit of the outdoors. 


Ebenezer’s Pub at 23rd StreetEbenny’s Pub is located right across the street from Hilton Grand.

You should book a table at Ebenezer�s Pub, but the waitstaff will be friendly and friendly. 


Lounge at Old Street Bar on 24th StreetLocated in Old Street, this bar is great for a late-night or late-day dinner.

There are outdoor tables, and the bartenders are very friendly and welcoming. 


St. Mark’s on 27th